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Software is a powerful and popular tool for web designers and Adobe Flash multimedia is involved.
Adobe Flash Professional CS6 powerful software to build content animation and multimedia is. With this software, you can fine media for desktop and several different devices such as tablets, smartphones and TVs get.
Among the key features of this software is supported HTML5. Thus, a new plugin for HTML5 interactive content and functionality by building on core animation software has been designed, the output of the Javascript for the construction of the framework is the existing open source JS. The output symbols and animation sequences to rapidly produce software Sprite sheet that increase efficiency are another key feature of the software is considered. This version of software supports Android and iOS devices by targeting Runtime AIR and Adobe Flash Player are also added.

The key feature of the software Adobe Flash Professional CS6:
- Support for HTML5
- Make Sprite sheet
- Support for many different devices Plfvrm
- Construction of software by Adobe AIR: Building Applications with Runtime software provides Adobe AIR, and software testing of the Mac running the content without having to download additional user
- Simulation of Adobe AIR mobile: interactive simulation software Mobile normal screen orientation, finger and accelerometer
- Targeting Stage 3D: high rendering performance by using direct mode to penetrate Starling framework for 2D content
- And ...

New capabilities:
- Sprite Sheet Creation of the program in Adobe Flash Professional CS6, can easily Animation to Sprite Sheet turn made ​​it possible for designers to play, looking for higher performance games and Flash games Javascript is helping a lot.
- Increased rendering performance by Starling Framework supports hardware acceleration for graphics and graphics processing two-dimensional fast and efficient graphical analysis by the graphics card instead of the CPU.
- Simulation Mobile AIR applications, you can include such motion, rotation, acceleration and ... Without having to machine simulation tests, the earlier it can be used with other phones there was a flash, now for the program is on the Air.
- Air programs to enable runtime tests on the device with a pre-packaged program, you can easily test the application on the target machine and wanted to see the output directly.
- Supported platforms and devices, wide (wide), and routing device to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player runtime (Adobe Flash Player) and AIR.
- Built-in support for HTML5 output by Toolkit for CreateJS, you can post your Flash projects by the new version of HTML output, the user can view and select your own.

How To Install
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  2. Install Software dan Pilih Trial [ Install Software, And chose Trial, ]
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